The Catholic Guide to Miracles: Miraculous Healings

Miraculous Healings The most rigorously investigated miraculous healings are those that are submitted as evidence for beatification and canonization. As we have seen, for a healing to be considered miraculous, it must be spontaneous, instantaneous, complete, lasting, and unexplainable by modern medicine. All of the material related to the purported miracle is first studied by… Continue reading The Catholic Guide to Miracles: Miraculous Healings

To Lower Our Nets –

The closing stage directions of Samuel Beckett’s famous existential drama Waiting for Godot capture the entrenched fear, doubt, and despair of modernity.  One disaffected drifter, Estragon, says to another, “Well, shall we go?” “Yes,” his counterpart, Vladimir, affirms, “let’s go.” Stage direction: “They do not move.” Nor will they move. Ever. Beckett’s bums, pathetic as… Continue reading To Lower Our Nets –

Revival of Apostolic Men –

Recently, my two youngest stood on the church steps following Mass to pose for a picture. My daughter posed like a princess and my son contorted his features into a striking semblance of a howling warrior– squatting, fists raised, ready for battle. Our family has taken dozens of similar photos over the last twenty years… Continue reading Revival of Apostolic Men –